Imagine a first date where you go the the New York City museum of sex and it's being filmed for Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker? Then imagine making that show one of the highest rated on the program. That's what comedian John McClellan did and revealed the details to me when we performed together at the Raymond Wood Bauer Amphitheatre in Linden.

"The best part of it was the stuff that never made the show," says McClellan. "I went with Judith Regan who's published a million books, we walked into the museum and there were a million books there. She goes 'I did that one, I did that one, I did that one,' we go up to the third floor where all the swings and leather are and I go I did that one I did that one I did that one."

We also talked about telemarketers and why he can't have his own name in the internet.

A grand prize winner at the Seattle International Comedy Competition, as well as a finalist at the San Francisco Comedy Competition, McClellan has opened for such rockers as David Lee Roth and Collective Soul. Long island Entertainment News calls him "a razor sharp sense of sarcasm coupled with working stiff sensibility."

If that ain't Jersey, then I don't know what is!

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