You can take the guy outta New England, but you definitely can't take the New England outta the guy. Wicked Rippa. That about sums up our morning experience with the incredibly talented and funny Bob Marley who's gonna be at the Stress Factory Thursday night - that's TONIGHT - for one big show. Buy tickets HERE.

He's a guy from Maine who's got a lot to say about Philly, Atlantic City and naked guys relieving themselves on the street. Oh and Rickshaws. Our friend Vinnie Brand, who owns the best comedy club in the New York/New Jersey area, was on hand this AM as well...and the conversation went about as you might expect...Yes, Vinnie, some people do care about who has got the best blueberries. And you're all welcome that even though the topic came up, I refrained from telling the Muffin Joke.

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