It shouldn’t take a genius to find out something is going on at The Chicken or the Egg. For years the LBI breakfast and brunch food hotspot has been thrilling its fans. Now that original location in Beach Haven might be getting a sister location in Marlton.

Philly Voice is reporting planning documents have been seen with drawings of a restaurant with The Chicken or the Egg signage, a huge outdoor dining area, and it looks like it would be taking over the old Kmart building at North Locust Avenue and Route 70 in Marlton. It was in the Evesham Twp.’s planning commission meeting agenda but according to Philly Voice the outcome of any vote was unclear.

For those not in the know, the place is nicknamed Chegg by locals and is known for the most delicious food. Killer omelettes, scrambled, or with steak, eggs are a big part of the show and they do them right. But it doesn’t have to be breakfast food. They serve chicken quesadillas, onion rings, disco fries and even some monster called the Fat Chegg. It’s Buffalo chicken fingers with one of their 18 sauces, onion rings, fries, mozzarella sticks and poppers shoved inside a sun-dried tomato wheat wrap. You know you’re intrigued.

Then those famous wings with those 18 signature sauces. Everything from mild to their four very hottest called Bee Sting, Zapper, Obscene (the menu says it will make you cry) all the way to Ludicrous.

Marlton might not know what it’s in for.

Turns out our colleague Joe Votruba is a big fan of Chegg so we asked him a few questions.

Jeff: How did you first find The Chicken or the Egg?

Joe: At like 15, a friend who I grew up with’s mom was took us all down there one day during a rainstorm to have it for my friend’s birthday. I’ll never forget it because it was my first time on LBI and it involved getting through a significant flood

Jeff: How are they different?

Joe: Their wings are bigger than most wings you can find. All I have to do is order six of these wings and I’m set for the entire day

Jeff: What’s your fav on the menu?

Joe: My personal favorite wing type is the killer bee sting. It’s the perfect mix of hot and flavorful.

Jeff: Are you a spice guy and how high have you gone? Have you ever gone full Ludicrous there?

Joe: I do like spice and I tried the Ludicrious sauce one time early on in my history there. It was a tough one to handle, but also not tasty enough for me to try again.

Jeff: You’re a fashionable guy and this is an LBI location. What’s the perfect outfit to dine at Chegg? (Let’s hope he doesn’t bring up the Borat maskini!)

Joe: The more casual the better. Chegg is essentially a diner with world renowned wings!

Jeff: So existentially speaking, or eggsetentially speaking, which DID come first; the chicken or the egg?

Joe: The egg came first. My reasoning, I am not quite sure yet hahaha.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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