Some are claiming the way this Clifton police officer handled a 15 year old boy was inappropriately rough. To those people I would ask, what video tape did YOU guys watch?!? Keep in mind what prompted the amateur to start the recording in the first place is that the 15 year old boy was already trying to intervene in police business for a good half a minute before the video even starts to roll. This altercation was already being dealt with for that long by the police office before he had to result to the level of physicality he did. Also, I want to point out that he never used a weapon, never used mace, never used a baton, and he could have legally. What you see here, if anything, is a police officer showing incredible restraint when a teenager was the one who started the problem to begin with.

Police officers have an incredibly dangerous job. Last year marked a 14% increase in officers dying in the line of duty. For the first time in fourteen years, death by firearms outnumbered traffic fatalities and other causes of death for our nation's law enforcement. It is a violent world, and things escalate quickly where emotions are involved. The 15 year old you see in this video was clearly responsible for what happened to him, not the police officer. I suggest some people put down their camcorders and step off their soap boxes and take up a new hobby, like thinking.