Yesterday, Jim was discussing a story from Helmetta regarding a police officer who made some controversial comments about President Obama.

Steven Wronko objected to being told to stop taking pictures in City Hall by Officer Recine. Recine replied that since President Obama was decimating the Constitution, that they no longer had to follow it.

Officer Recine and Steven Wronko both called into the show yesterday to tell their sides of the story.  Robert Recine told us that he stands by what he said but that it shouldn't be a reflection on the police department and he did not want to bring any undo embarrassment to the force. Recine obviously meant that statement as he has since announced his resignation from the Helmetta police force.

It's a shame that one sentence or thought caught on video has turned into such a big incident that Officer Recine was forced to resign.

The daily job of a police officer reminds Jim of a song from the comedic opera "Pirates of Penzance" entitled "A Policeman's Lot is Not a Happy One," which you can listen to below.