A video that was taken by a local resident is causing quite the controversy in Helmetta. Steven Wronko's video that captured Officer Robert Recine's comment about the Constitution and how Obama has decimated it has gone viral. While Wronko feels that his civil rights were violated, most of the attention centers around Officer Recine's comments that the town doesn't have to follow the Constitution because Obama has decimated it.

Watch the video footage below.


Officer Recine joined Jim this morning to give his side of the story. Officer Recine said that he apologizes if he made the police department look bad but he doesn't apologize for his comments about Obama.

Listen to what officer Recine had to say in the audio below.


Steven Wronko, the man who shot the now viral video, called in to Jim shortly afterwards. Steven told his side of the story and why he is upset about this.Wronko feels he had every right to be there and from his point of view, he did nothing wrong. You can listen to his interview with Jim below.

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