BRIDGETON - A civil rights group is calling for the state's Attorney General to investigate the shooting of a South Jersey man on Friday.

National Awareness Alliance chairman Walter Hudson Sr., in a statement on the group's Facebook page, said the Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office "cannot be trusted" with the investigation into the shooting death of Darryl L. Fuqua, 23, in Bridgeton on Friday as he ran from police on Friday afternoon for an unspecified reason.

"I am deeply troubled by the actions of the Bridgeton Police Department. We have marched against the city of Bridgeton two years ago for the murder of Jerame Reid, who was shot seven times on camera, with his hands in the air."

He added, "Bridgeton Police Department and their elected officials does not value the lives of Black people in the Bridgeton community," Hudson wrote in his call for Attorney General Christopher Porrino to investigate the incident.

Hudson declined an opportunity from New Jersey 101.5 to comment on Friday's shooting.

Fuqua's mother, Gwen Benson, told she has not been able to see her son's body and wants the officer who shot at her son charged. Benson said her son and two friends ran when a police cruiser stopped along side them on a sidewalk and got out. Fuqua ran down a dirt alley where he was shot.

Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae has not released additional details about Friday's incident. Earlier, she said at least one officer fired in the direction of Fuqua and a firearm was found in the area where his body lay. She did not say if Fuqua had fired at police.

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