If you ever been to Haddonfield, you know how wealthy and exclusive the town is. Old money, new money, lots of money. Also generally nice people who don't look to bother anyone. So before we get all judgy about those snooty rich people in Haddonfield not accepting someone's Christmas light display, let's take a deep breath and examine this story.

A family who has been living in their Haddonfield home for more than 20 years claims to have received an anonymous flyer in their mailbox informing them they got a "Christmas violation" for lazy light display, the Courier-Post reports. The middle-aged couple say they were devastated. They had a rough year and they did all they could as far as putting up some lights.

Even in a wealthy town like Haddonfield, where people might look over the fence and down the block to see "what the neighbors have that they might want to get," I can't imagine what kind of person would do this. It would have to be a really shallow, small-minded person with perhaps some emotional or mental issues. Or maybe it's not real. Maybe we've been taken too many times by fake 'homeless guy gives last dollar' or 'mean racists paint slurs on wall' stories that have turned out to be hoaxes. I'm not saying this is a hoax, but if it happened to you, would you be on the local news talking about it? Would you file a police report, as the couple reportedly has?

I'm disturbed that someone would actually put such a flyer in someone's mailbox, especially after the family's had a tough year. BTW, mine was pretty tough too, and I didn't put up ANY lights since I'm still mourning the loss of my dad this past year. And if someone had put a flyer in my mailbox, I guess I would pray for them. I'm also a little surprised that anyone would file a police report about it or talk about it on the local Philadelphia TV news. But in this day, when any attention is good attention, and being a victim is on the same level of accomplishment, I guess it all makes sense no matter what the real story is here.

Merry Christmas, Haddonfield, and you too Mr./Mrs. Grinch!

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