TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie says that work will begin immediately on a complete renovation of the Statehouse.

The announcement of the building work was probably a big letdown for those who had wondered whether Christie would announce he would be leaving for a post in Donald Trump's administration.

Christie's office did not reveal until Tuesday morning the reason for the news conference.

"Every time I put out a release on an announcement, please do not get breathless that this will be the moment I will be leaving," Christie told the gathering of reporters.

Christie last week on New Jersey 101.5's "Ask The Governor" reiterated that he intended to finish out his term in office until 2018.

Reporters dispatched to the Statehouse rotunda reacted to the not-so-big news:

New Jersey 101.5 Trenton Bureau Chief Michael Symons has more details about the renovation plans — and critics' reaction to the news. 

Christie said Tuesday that staff will be moved into other office space in Trenton by July for a four-year, $300 million project. Parts of the building date to the 18th century.

He says the current condition of the statehouse is shameful and hasn't had a major upgrade since 1958. He says that the part of the building used by the executive branch doesn't have fire sprinklers and there are a number of code violations.

Christie says that workers and tourists shouldn't have to worry about being unsafe in the building.

He says the portion of the building used by the Legislature won't be affected.

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