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EWING — Gov. Chris Christie won’t be leaving to serve in a President Donald Trump administration. At least not before he finishes out his term by January 2018.

Christie, appearing on New Jersey 101.5’s “Ask The Governor” for the first time since the election, gave his most forceful responses to the possibility of Trump appointing him to his cabinet or another position.

"What I'm telling you is, I intend do be governor until January 18 of 2018,” Christie told host Eric Scott.

Christie, however, didn’t rule it out completely, saying he doesn’t “know what's going to happen six or nine months from now.”

Gov. Chris Christie on "Ask The Governor" on Nov. 21. (Townsquare Media)

But then he pushed back at Scott’s suggestion that he was hedging.

"I just said I'm staying,” Christie shot back. “What do you mean the door's open a crack? I just said I'm staying."

Christie is not allowed to run for a third term. His approval rating, meanwhile, is at an all-time low of 19 percent.

Christie was in Bedminster on Saturday meeting with Trump at Trump National Golf Club, where the transition committee has been meeting.

Christie two weeks ago was demoted from transition committee chairman to one of its vice chairmen, fueling speculation that he was on the outs with Trump because of his involvement in the George Washington Bridge lane-closure scandal.

But Christie on Monday called that “crap,” saying he and Trump, his friend for 14 years, talked about the scandal.

“I told him what was going on and he believed me."

“The press is so desperate for something to write,” he said. “There’s never ben a cross word between us in terms of our feelings to each other.”

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