Yup, I love Thanksgiving. And since for the past couple years, I've had to work the holiday, leftovers are my Thanksgiving dinner!

This year, I was able to catch up with the family in New England over the weekend and return home with my favorites: dark meat, sausage stuffing and mashed potatoes. The only issue is forgot the leftover gravy. No worries. I just layered the potatoes, stuffing and pieces of turkey in a bowl, put a generous cut of Irish Butter on top and covered in shredded cheddar. Microwave for about two minutes and...dinner!

Simple and delicious.

Yes, I ate it with chopsticks, but that's a story for another day.

On the show Monday morning, a caller one-upped me on the bowl-of-deliciousness by explaining how he makes stuffing waffles. Wow. I may make additional stuffing for Christmas and try it.

Think you can top 'stuffing' waffles? Send your pics to us on Facebook with the hashtag #WinningLeftovers and share it with the rest of New Jersey!

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