Turns out traveling with a frozen turkey is a thing. I asked the question on the air whether there was even one person impacted by the new TSA rule allowing the frozen bird aboard.

Phone lines blew up.

People apparently travel with frozen food all the time. One women explained that she traveled for work and would pack frozen chickens for her meals. Another brought his son frozen pizza he was craving from a local pizza place. Hmm. Am I the only one who thinks it's a recipe for disaster?

First of all, a frozen bird weighing even 10 pounds could easily be used as a weapon against a fellow traveler. Second, how about "be careful opening the overhead compartments as items may have shifted during flight"?!? Imagine the lawsuit when a mostly frozen 20 pound turkey falls on an unsuspecting passenger?

More likely is the leakage of the defrosting turkey in the compartment. Would you really want your laptop or backpack next to a defrosting turkey? It seems unsanitary, dangerous and generally necessary.

What kind of relative or friend invites you to Thanksgiving dinner, which involves a flight on the busiest travel day of the year, and asks YOU to bring dinner? It's absurd. Stay home. Or shop when you get there.

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