Ok, it was time to clean out the fridge again. There it was, the pancetta. The original piece we bought was so big that I have a little bit left. So, olive oil in the pan, crisp it up and set it aside.

Perfect start to the fridge clean out: cheesesteak. No, not for the Eagles getting to the Super Bowl, which I am not watching this year, simply because cheesesteaks made at home are better than just about anything you'll get in a restaurant.

  • Start by chopping up a red pepper, some mushrooms and onions.
  • Drain a little of the pancetta flavored oil so the end result isn't greasy. Leave enough to sauté you're veggies.
  • A little cracked pepper and some red pepper flakes and steak seasoning and you're good to go (no need to add salt as the pancetta is super salty).

We had a piece of flank steak in the fridge, which I sliced and then diced into small pieces.

  • After the onions and peppers are soft, throw in the steak.
  • Add a little more seasoning and maybe a pinch of salt.
  • Cook until it's brown (you're gonna want to use medium heat so nothing burns).

While it's on the stove,

  • get an Italian role (you can use sandwich bread if you don't have a roll handy), cut it in half and throw on the cheese on both sides. We had Havarti in the fridge, so on it went!
  • Put it under the broiler until melts.

Add the cooked steak mixture and you've got one of the best sandwiches you can make at home. If you have the discipline to leave the pancetta you set aside earlier and not eat it all while you cook, add it to the sandwich. As you can see, I did not.

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