Let’s face it, the Garden State gives us plenty of reasons to want a drink.

High property taxes.

Insane out of state drivers.

Pretty much every single politician in Trenton.

So what helps calm the nerves of New Jerseyans at happy hour? A new study revealed just that. Topagency.com released the top cocktail for every state, did your favorite make the list?

New Jersey’s favorite drinks are:

5. Bloody Mary

Delicious Bloody Caesar/Bloody Mary
Sophie Asselin

I’m not surprised this brunch staple made the top five. Think about it: the main ingredient is tomato juice and we pride ourselves on the Jersey tomato!

4. Old Fashioned

Old fashioned classic cocktail drink in crystal glass on bar counter.

Whiskey, sugar, bitters, and an orange peel. Simple recipe and it certainly helps take the edge off.

3. Pina colada

Cold pina colada cocktail in a glass on the beach with seascape background

I found this one surprising because I feel like I rarely see these on a drink menu outside of a tropical location, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a sucker for a nice Pina Colada. Top it off with a tiny umbrella and now it’s a party!

2. Martini

Different cocktails or longdrinks garnished with fruits

A classic. I’ll have it shaken, not stirred.

And the number one drink for New Jerseyans according to the study? *Imagine a drumroll here*

1. Margarita


In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a margarita. Frozen or on the rocks, it’s sure to be refreshing.

As it turns out, New Jersey is not alone in favoring a margarita, 21 other states had it as their top choice.

How did they determine this?

Topagency.com “analyzed digital commerce trends in 2022, and used a combination of GPS tracking data from bars and a survey of 1,000 Americans, to determine the frequency of visits to these establishments and the most popular cocktails in the United States.”

As for our neighbors?

New York’s top choice is NOT (as I would have guessed) a Manhattan, but a martini. Pennsylvania prefers a Pina Colada. Just thinking out loud here, but if I were to live in PA, I’d need something a little stiffer than a Colada.

Just sayin’.

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