After so many media outlets really botched the story about the Hanover High School policy change regarding cheerleading qualifications, I thought I'd try to clarify Wednesday morning.

The headlines made it seem that the school had dropped standards and would allow everyone to make the team. Given how competitive the sport really is, there was no surprise at the backlash. Problem is according to the official letter from the superintendent, it wasn't exactly true. They did lower the qualifying score a few points because only six students qualified at the higher score, but reading the statement, they moved from 87 to 78 allowing five additional cheerleaders to join the top squad. Certainly not a jaw dropping headline any longer.

The reports were that parents reacted so negatively to the change that I took the opportunity to discuss how poorly some parents behave when they are over-involved in their kid's sports. That's when a local cheer coach called and told me a story about how when he was a younger coach in Virginia, he was propositioned several times by wives and husbands on behalf of their wives. Yes, exactly what you're thinking. Sex in exchange for better placement on the team for their cheerleader kid. Wow. I'll just leave that right here. Take a listen for yourself.

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