The Hillsborough Rotary Fair is back, after a year off, due to COVID-19.

Head for the Lowe's parking lot (Craig Allen photo)

Once again, the rides are in the field by Lowe's...

Grab a parking space, and get ready for fun. (Craig Allen photo) "The Promenade," 315 Route 206, in Hillsborough (Somerset County).

Follow the signs. Come early, stay late. (Craig Allen photo)

Enjoy the rides and food...

I'm ready! (Craig Allen photo)

...and a chance to have fun with your friends and neighbors.

Sorry...leave your dog at home. (Craig Allen photo)

This annual "classic carnival" is on now...

Find...Ferris...the wheel. (Craig Allen photo)

...and runs from 6-11pm, through Saturday night.

Walking the Midway (Craig Allen photo)

There are over 20 different rides...

YOU can be a "Rock Star." (Craig Allen photo).

"Welcome" to the fun house. (Craig Allen photo)

...for all ages.

You're a winner! (Craig Allen photo)

And, "games of chance" too.

There's "cashless pay"/pay-one-price/wristband options available for rides.

Cash only, for food.

I'm getting...hungry. (Craig Allen photo)

Did someone say...

I'd love a bucket of fries! (Craig Allen photo)

"Sweet Treats" abound. (Craig Allen photo)

There will be fireworks on Friday night, at around 10pm.  The rain date is Saturday night.

BEFORE YOU GO: Check New Jersey 101.5 Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow's weather blog here.

See, and be seen, at the Hillsborough Rotary Fair. (Craig Allen photo)

Have a night of fun, at the Hillsborough Rotary Fair.

This annual tradition is back.

And, remember, it benefits the Rotary, and their charitable programs in our community.

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