My daughter lives in London and with a need to make trips back and forth for her and our family, it was critical to find a reliable and inexpensive way to accomplish the task: Air India! That's right, the cheapest and most efficient way I've found to get back and forth is by booking flights on Air India. First of all, they have different rules than American carriers regarding minors. The child label only applies to kids 11 and under. Great news for my 15-year-old son heading to London for Spring Break. It's really about the cost as well, hundreds of dollars cheaper than other American and European carriers. And they are less likely to take an annoying and ignorant stand on American politics like Delta and United, which I won't be flying anytime soon after they caved to social media and stopped honoring NRA discounts. I had no idea they even offered the discounts in the first place. If I had known, I'd have considered joining the iconic American gun owner organization!

OK, so the airline food isn't great, but they fly direct from Newark and you can't beat the cost. There is one strange drawback, however. There are thirteen countries that the FAA requires to be sprayed with insecticide before landing in the US. And they spray INSIDE the cabin. It's disconcerting at best. I'm not sure what is most troubling, the spray that you can't avoid as the flight crew comes through the cabin before you land...or...the things that the spray is intended to kill...hmm, just gonna leave that right there.

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