🐬Residents are concerned about a dolphin stuck in a small Cape May creek

🐬Marine experts have been monitoring the dolphin's actions

🐬Efforts to coax the dolphin out of the creek have been unsuccessful, so far

CAPE MAY COURTHOUSE — Ever since a bottlenose dolphin was reported to be hanging out in a small creek in Cape May County Courthouse, the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine has been monitoring the animal.

The first calls about the dolphin were reported to the stranding hotline on May 16.

MMSC staff, as well as certified stranding volunteers, have been checking on the dolphin multiple times daily, according to the stranding center’s Facebook page.

On May 18, the MMSC team was out on the water in two boats trying to coax the dolphin to move out, however, the animal refused to leave the creek.

They are now working on different plans of action to free the dolphin, and have received additional specialized equipment from a stranding network partner out of state to help.

Another rescue attempt has been planned to occur by the end of the week. However, the stranding center said it will not share specific details about the proposed rescue plans because they don’t want unauthorized people to interfere with the rescue efforts or make any attempts to remove the dolphin on their own.

The MMSC is also reminding residents that dolphins are federally protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

“Please do not attempt to approach the dolphin as that will only further increase the stress on the animal and hamper rescue efforts. We are very appreciative of the local residents and officials who have been assisting MMSC,” the stranding center wrote on Facebook.

This is not the first dolphin to be in this same section of the creek. In August 2016, a bottlenose dolphin was located in the same creek. In that case, rescue efforts were successful and the dolphin was eventually returned to the bay.

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