Just when you thought it was safe to wake up in the morning there’s a new health scare to worry about. Well, it’s not really new, but it’s ugly (smelly) little head once again: Deodorant.

We all know antiperspirant contains aluminum chlorohydrate, and we also know that aluminum ain’t that great for us. But does the benefit of allowing yourself to go “Au naturale” with your body smell outweigh the possible risk that the aluminum poses?

My opinion is this: we take more risks walking out of the house everyday, inhaling whatever the atmosphere has to offer, wearing clothing with whatever chemicals China or Pakistan chooses to lace its fabrics with than we do by wearing deodorant. Look hard enough and you’ll find a potential carcinogen, allergen, or pathogen in everything in the universe.

You wanna live that way? Walk around offending people on the slim chance that that minute amount of chemical is gonna kill you? Good luck to you. As for me, I’d rather die fresh smelling than live with people holding their noses around me!

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