It's been a long past few years for police officers across the nation and here in the Garden State. Cops are often the target of misleading and vicious news reports that tend to take the job out of context. I've spent many years crisscrossing the state speaking at various events honoring active, retired, and fallen law enforcement officers.

Honoring these heroes has been institutionalized on my morning show with our weekly #BlueFriday. It's a small gesture to make sure that the often-unsung heroes who get up every day for the rest of us, get the recognition they deserve.

For today's #BluerFriday, we're honoring Lt. Sean Plasket who serves the community as a member of the Somerdale Police Department. Lt. Plasket is in the ICU having a brain tumor removed and understandably his family, wife Michelle, and daughter Stella, are concerned, nervous, and eagerly awaiting good news.

This week was Stella's 6th birthday and cops across Camden County were not going to let her down. Police officers arrived by the dozens with lights flashing, sirens blaring delivering birthday presents for a little girl who misses her dad.

The emotion was described well in a report from 6ABC:

Stella's father, Lt. Sean Plasket, of the Somerdale Police Department, has been in the ICU for the last week after having a brain tumor removed. And while he could not be there in person for his daughter, having his brothers in blue step in was the next best thing.

"Fun!" That is how Stella described the whole ordeal.

"It's amazing. It's just nothing but amazing. I told my husband today in the hospital and he just cried," said Plasket. - Christie Ileto via

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