Camden County is scraping fines and fees for late or overdue library books and items past their return dates.

County Freeholder and Library System Liaison Melinda Kane explains why they doing away with these penalties: "In Camden County, we want to encourage all residents to use the library system, not discourage them."

The system has 2,000 library cards suspended because of overdue fines and items that have not been returned.

Starting July 1, all outstanding overdue fees will be forgiven, as long as the overdue item has been returned or paid for.

Camden County's eight libraries become the first system in the state to get rid of the fines.

Kane says the library is an important resource for citizens.

"We're talking about traditional things like books and periodicals. But it also is a tremendous source of computer technology, and for many people it is their source of internet connection. And so to eliminate that because of a fee that's due is really hurting people on many different levels," she said.

Some high-demand items with limited availability will continue to utilize extended use fees. Those items include materials borrowed from other libraries and museum passes.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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