Great day traveling the state on Tuesday. Among our stops were two great New Jersey small businesses.

The first is a family company, Rattan Patio and Fireplace in Burlington.  Owners Ron and Suzanne welcomed us in and could not have been more friendly and hospitable. It was great to have an opportunity to speak about how we are going to fix the major problems in New Jersey through, common sense.

Several small business owners joined the crowd of shoppers to hear our positive message. Ron and Suzanne also sent us home with a great dinner, turkey breast and vegetable, all seed-oil-free, of course! We're looking forward to the next visit.

Later that day, Jodi and I stopped in to greet the patrons at a neighborhood bar in Westmont, NJ. As you know, I grew up in Camden County and it always feels like home. Visiting Brewers Towne Tavern was a thrill.

Bill Spadea at Brewers Towne Tavern

First of all, I got my start working at 12 years old in my dad's machine shop around the corner and second, stopping into the old Crystal Tavern was a regular thing when the shifts ended. Now the iconic corner bar has a new name and new owners. But all the neighborhood charm remains.

The new owners Dan and Paul opened up the space and changed the configuration of the bar, making is comfortable and convenient. I appreciate that they even turned down the Phillies game to give me a chance to address the crowd.

Check out my full events schedule here and come and meet me on the trail!

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