I wanted to get my wife a little cake for her birthday. She likes those ice cream cakes so the shop I went into had only one person working. It was about 11 am and not a lot of people are clamoring for ice cream that time of day, so that's understandable. So I asked the young girl who sold it to me if she'd be able to write 'Happy Birthday Aubree' on it. She was very nice, said sure and seemed eager to help.

When it came back all I could think is that this would make a good argument for why public schools should not be dropping cursive handwriting. Take a look.

Cake fail
Jeff Deminski photo

You know when you get something written on a cake it usually looks very pretty and artful and is almost always done in nice cursive? Yeah, not so much here. The girl was young enough it occurred to me she may have come from a district that dropped cursive writing instruction entirely. Many have. So asking for it to be re-done wasn't really an option since she was the only one there. Hey, she tried! I still gave her a tip. But my wife and I had a good laugh about it. I liked how the 'd' was somewhat smeared, and my wife liked how her name was crooked. Hey there's always next year!

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