For those who think the Oscars are full of beans, there is Blazing Saddles. Arguably the funniest scene in all of comedy movies is the fart scene in "Blazing Saddles." It's the one scene that people of all ages find hysterical even though the actual movie could never be made in today's climate of political correctness. But the scene is so funny that Burton Gilliam, "Lyle" in the movie, actually tours clubs with a full presentation.

How did Gilliam get his big break of breaking wind? "Everybody's gotta be famous for something," Gilliam said. "I was a fireman in Dallas for 14 years. I saw an article in the paper I go down and stand in like with like 450 people and wind up with the sixth largest part in a great movie called, 'Paper Moon...' I went back to the fire department and about three months later I got a call from a guy named Mel Brooks."

What was it like working with Mel Brooks, a master of movie comedy. "He kept everybody laughing all the time," Gilliam said. "Except between the times he said action and cut.

Gilliam has a face that's instantly recognizable from his many movies and TV shows. He was a regular in the Burt Reynolds sitcom "Evening Shade" and said about Reynolds. "I loved Burt," Gilliam said. "We did 'Gator' together...He was a cool guy."

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