Best things to do in Burlington County, NJ (Facebook photos)

Burlington County is a beautifully scenic county located in west New Jersey. This county is filled with fun activities for everyone, but especially nature lovers. Listed below are the top 10 activities that will be a blast for you and yours.

CoCo Key Water Resort

For $28 per person or a package deal of $95 for up to a group of four guests, you can your family can have an excellent time at CoCo Key Water Resort in Mount Laurel, NJ. To book your day or weekend excursion and have a blast on a variety of water park rides, call 856.234.7300 or visit their website at

Firehouse Gallery

The Firehouse Gallery is a unique art gallery that displays oil paintings, photography and more. Located in one of Bordentown, NJ’s earliest firehouses, this gallery is not only a place to experience great art, but take art classes as well. For more information on pricing and to register for classes, check out their website at or call (609) 298-3742.

Amico Island Park

Nature lovers will enjoy not only views of the Delaware River and the flats at the mouth of the Rancocas Creek, looking north toward Hawk Island at Amico Island Park in Delran, NJ, but also the nest-building and courtship activities of great blue herons in early spring. For more information about the park, visit the park website here or call (609) 265-5858.

Rankokus American Indian Reservation

Families and friends can experience life on a traditional Indian Reservation and learn about beliefs, traditions and cultures of Native Americans at the Ronkokus American Indian Reservation in Rancocas, NJ. For more information about how you can take part in this fun, educational experience, call (609) 261-4747 or visit their website at

Animal Kingdom Zoo

Open daily, The Animal Kingdom Zoo in Bordentown, NJ has one of the most extensive wild animal collections in New Jersey. Families and friends can view countless endangered species and learn about the importance of preserving the environment and the animals that live there. To learn more about how you can schedule your trip, call (609) 261-7211.

Interactive Arcade Museum

For hundreds of video games that you can’t find, let alone play, anywhere else, the Interactive Arcade Museum in Burlington, NJ is a great place for game lovers. Although they are only open two days a week, Fridays from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. and Saturdays from 2 p.m. – 10 p.m., it is sure to be an incredible time.

Delaware River Heritage Trail

The Delaware River Heritage trail is perfect for nature lovers who enjoy beautiful views and great exercise. For more information about this 60-mile trail that runs along the Delaware River through Burlington County, call (609) 239-0444 or visit their website at

Wading Pines Camp Resort

Starting at $55 per day, Wading Pines Camp Resort offers a variety of activities including canoeing, kayaking and swimming for everyone. To schedule your trip and inquire further about pricing and activities, check out their website at or call (609) 726-1313.

Valenzano Winery

Wine lovers will certainly enjoy tastings and tours at Valenzano Winery in Mt. Holly, NJ. Open daily, this winery can be a fun day trip or the location for your next event. For more information about pricing and to book your tour, call (609) 267-1796 or visit their website at

Whitesbog Village

For some outdoor fun, hike or bike through Whitesbog Village in Browns Mills, NJ and enjoy the 3,000 acres of cranberry bogs, blueberry fields, reservoirs, sugar sand roads and Pine Barren’s forests. For more information and to book your trip, call (609) 893-4646 or check out their website at

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