Burger King makes an poignant and sad point in their new anti bullying ad. What they did was stage a bullying scene in one of their restaurants where a bunch of kids are bullying a high school junior while at the same time smashing or "bullying" whoppers that they were serving to customers to see who complained about what more.

While you see people looking out of the corner of their eyes at the bullying scene, no one really gets involved in helping this poor kid. Meanwhile, when the other customers get their smashed burgers, they return them and are asked "did you order them bullied or unbullied?"

As it turned out 95% of the customers reported the "bullied" burgers while only 12% stood up for the high school student that was being bullied. At one point a worker asks a customer "If you had seen me bully this burger, would you have said something?" He replied "Yes."

If I were going to "have it my way," Burger King would be giving whoppers to all those who give a "whopper" to a bully and I ain't talking the hamburger! Then, when the bully's on the ground ask "Would you like fries with that?"

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