This should be a surprise to absolutely no one. Bruce Springsteen is not a fan of Donald Trump. When was the last time Bruce wasn't outspoken during an election? In a recent interview with Channel 4 News in the United Kingdom, Bruce Springsteen chimed in about the upcoming election.

Bruce: The trouble at the moment is you have Donald Trump who is talking about rigged elections and he’s not, he has a feeling he is going to lose now, which of course he is going to lose —

Interviewer: You’re confident?

Bruce: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. He’s going to lose. And he knows that he knows he’s is going to lose. And he’s such a flagrant, toxic narcissist that he wants to take down the entire democratic system if he goes. If he could reflect on these things maybe he’d have — but he’s such an unreflective person and he doesn’t, he simply has no sense of decency and no sense of responsibility about him. And the words that he’s been using over the past several weeks really are an attack on the entire democratic process.

Interviewer: Is that dangerous?

Bruce: Yeah, it is. I think it’s very dangerous. He does have a lot of peoples’ ears and I don’t think he is going to go quietly into, gently into the good night. I think he is going make as big a mess as he can. And I don’t know what that is going to me but we’ll find out shortly.

Harsh words indeed. Accurate according to some. Others will undoubtedly think it's a load of malarkey. Either way, Bruce Springsteen is offering up hot takes for both sides of aisle to munch on. He seems very confident that Hillary Clinton will be our next president.

One thing I am thankful for is that Bruce spared us this lecture during his recent River Tour. I am definitely part of team "Shut up and play the music I paid to see you play," despite the fact Bruce's political views are integrated into many of his more modern songs. Springsteen crowds are known for being energetic and uplifting. Delving into his thoughts on Trump's candidacy would have created a divisive atmosphere.

Personally I think Bruce should tread with caution on this one. While he makes valid points regarding Donald Trump's character, a lot of Donald Trump's momentum comes from the "I told you so" mentality that helped secure the GOP nomination. Remember when Trump running for president seemed like a narrative that could only play out in an article from The Onion? Remember when he was mocked when he was standing on stage with the other GOP nominees? It's too late now to write him off.

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