Now that everyone and their uncle has checked in on the B Street Band not performing at the Garden State Inaugural Gala from Bill Spadea, Judi Franco and myself, to Stephen Colbert — who mentioned them Friday night — and even the New Jersey Society who hosted the gala and hired the band, The one person we didn't hear from (but should have) heard from was Bruce Springsteen himself.

I think it would have been nice since the band claims they turned down a lucrative job. This came at a time of year when lucrative jobs are hard to come by for a band “based SOLELY on the respect and gratitude we have for Bruce and the E Street Band." Bruce did not publicly acknowledge that gesture. We reached out for a comment but heard nothing back. Perhaps we could have paid $75 to hear him speak at Monmouth University and asked him then if in fact he did take questions.

Bruce is all about the working man and it's the B Street Band that gives those who can't afford the price of his concert ticket a chance to hear his music performed live.

Every member of the E Street band has played with the B Street Band at one time or another except for Springsteen. I remember one night at Jenkinson's when Max Weinberg only wanted to play two songs at the end of the set and ended up playing for 90 minutes.

I know firsthand from my relationships with Glenn, Willie and Steve, the tremendous respect they have for "The Boss" and the gesture doesn't surprise me at all. What does surprise me is that Bruce Springsteen, who has left to tour in Australia, hasn't said anything. Do you think he should?

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