I listen to talk show host and political commentator Laura Ingraham like I would a sister. I value her opinions, and her words generally resonate with me pretty strongly. She's whip-smart, funny, and I don't think there's a political issue I disagree with her on.

But let's face it: she ain't no Jersey girl (her past relationship with former senator Robert Torricelli notwithstanding). That's why she can never understand why uber-popular Springsteen tribute band the B Street Band had no choice but to cancel their planned performance at the Garden State Presidential Inaugural Gala. (Note: They were never "hired by Trump" as many outlets reported.)

Her tweet seems to imply that the B Street Band, like most of the music biz dopes, were taking a stand against Trump when they withdrew from the gig. And I get it! She's probably thinking: "this small time tribute band ain't gonna make a dent in Trump's armor with their little 'protest.'" But she doesn't understand these guys, or their motivation.

The B Street Band is a hard working, popular and very talented tribute band, but at their core, they're a Jersey bar band. A simple, down to earth bunch of guys who are in the unenviable position of being damned if they do and damned if they don't. I saw this thing play out on social media and watched them try to remain above the fray. They really did.

Their pulling out was in no way a political statement. The anti-Trump vortex they got sucked into through no fault of their own became overwhelming. Ultimately, they made the decision, more for their survival than to make a statement. This was by no means a protest, but more a hard working, music-loving band's deflection of criticism; criticism they couldn't afford to have when their survival depends on what their fans think of them.

Basically, they were bullied into it.

Springsteen himself, or any of the other high profile, high earning rock stars can afford to play or not play whenever and wherever they want with little to no consequences. But the B Streeters had two options: Play this gala because they committed to it back in 2013, before they even knew who they'd be celebrating, or keep their very devoted fan base, not to mention the REAL E Street band (and by extension, Bruce himself) happy.

They tried like hell to honor their commitment to be there, but how many snarky tweets from Bruce's band and his supporters can you read before you realize you gotta do what you gotta do? It makes me sick and sad for the B Street Band, a band I really enjoy.

This would've been yet another opportunity for them to play this high profile event, which their talent makes them exceedingly worthy of. After all, they were able to play the same event for Obama without a hitch. But this is Jersey, after all, and we gotta do what Bruuuuuuuuce tells us to, which also makes me sick and sad.

I guess that's why they call him "The Boss".

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