Once upon a time in a land known as Marlboro there were two boys who hated school so much that they would cut every chance that they got. For the sake of this true story, we'll call them Steve and Glenn. Steve was the one with the car and Glenn usually occupied the passenger seat of my/his 1971 VW Beetle we called "Bessie the Love Bug" with whoever else coming along for the ride in the back.

On this day we had about 7 people squeezed into "Bessie", the record was nine as we pulled out of the Marlboro High school parking lot enroute to our favorite diner for breakfast. Upon returning, we had to sign in late and give a reason. We had come up with the plan to say that "Trevelise had a flat tire" and one by one they did that. It was while watching them writing that I had a flat tire that I saw the perfect opportunity present itself. So when it came time for me to write my reason for being late I wrote "Missed bus" I can still remember Glenn screaming "What the #$%%^ are you doing????" as I walked out of the office laughing.

I don't remember if I ever fessed up but I'm guessing I did because we're still best friends and Glenn Stuart did tell the story on stage with the B Street Band at the Golden Nugget when we saw each other in August. What's great about being best friends is that no matter how old you get, when you see each other you're still a kid and you pick it up from where you left off.

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