We learned that the Springsteen Tribute band, The B Street Band has backed out of their commitment to play at the New Jersey event during the inaugural celebration this week in DC. Not only going back on their word, but in the statements about the reasons the band leader was clear that this was done in deference to Bruce Springsteen's political beliefs.

How outrageous.

It's one thing to stand up for your beliefs, but to back out at the last minute because you think that maybe the guy you pretend to be on stage would be upset is cowardly, if not worse. On the air this am I got a call from Richie who is one of the saxophonists for the band. He expressed his disappointment as he voted for Trump and was eager to go to DC.

Imagine if you're the event planner that has to scramble to fill a last minute hole in the schedule. No excuse. The band made the commitment after playing at the last inaugural celebration and should've either canceled right after the election or stood by their commitment.

It would've been nice to see some maturity on the part of the lead singer too. How about telling detractors that they were going to play for the Jersey crowd at a non-partisan event because they stand by their music and their word? No such luck.

So we've got a solution.

There are plenty of talented Jersey bands that would love an opportunity to play such an important event. Even if we can't get 'em booked for the Inauguration, we'll have the winner in studio on my show in a couple weeks!

Here are the local bands who called in to the show:

Or maybe we'll have our own Morning Show B.S. Band!

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