It's one thing to sing about New Jersey, or sing the songs of the man who sings about Jersey, but it's more "Jersey" to stand up for the beliefs of that man as well as your own - even if it cost you money.

That's what the B Street Band is doing by giving up a high-paying job that was booked long before the Presidential election. In the end, it wasn't about the money or the backlash from those who supported the opinion of The Boss, an opinion shared by lead singer Glenn Stuart who told me when he called me Thursday night, “We have the utmost respect for Bruce Springsteen, what he stands for, and his music,” Stuart said. “If this was a Donald Trump, Trump Organization, Republican Party event … absolutely no desire and interest in playing it."

For me the true definition of a "Jersey Guy" is a stand up guy one who will remain true to his beliefs and will stick by you no matter what. Since high school, I've known Glenn Stuart to be a standup guy, both as a friend and as a man. Same with the guys in the B Street Band. Standing by Bruce and turning down a lucrative gig that doesn't line up with their beliefs is just another way of showing it.

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