There’s a long history of rockers saying no to political candidates when it comes to using their music at campaign rallies or in commercials. Bon Jovi told John McCain to take a hike when he wanted to use "Who Says You Can’t Go Home." In 1984 Bruce Springsteen told Ronald Reagan not to use "Born In The U.S.A." in his campaign. Then told Bob Dole the same thing about the same song in 1996.

But a baseball player?

The family of the late Jackie Robinson (who of course broke the color barrier in 1947 playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers) is strongly objecting to Donald Trump’s campaign using his image in a new ad.

The ad, called Say What You Will About America, shows not only Jackie Robinson but also Martin Luther King Jr. Robinson’s family is demanding the ad not include him, and says Trump defies all that Jackie stood for. They say they are insulted.

This close to the election let’s see if the Trump campaign abides by the family’s wishes.

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