How great it was waking up Thursday and watching the video of Bruce Springsteen performing with Southside Johnny at the premiere of "Blinded By The Light" Wednesday night at the Paramount Theatre?

The song title for the movie was actually written about former E Street drummer Vinie "Mad Dog" Lopez, who came on my show Tuesday, saying he was invited to attend. This morning, he gave me his review: "Loved the film."

They started with "Talk To Me," which I feel should be the New Jersey state song if not the national anthem, then went to Wilson Pickett's "634-5789," followed by "Sherry Darling" and then finally "Having A Party."

This is the second time this summer Bruce and Johnny performed together. The first time was July 6 at the Stone Pony. Back then, I watched, thinking how cool was it for these two men, who dreamed as boys of taking over the music world, to return to the place where they started — a place they have returned to so many times before. Now I'm thinking ... why not take it on the road?

Could it happen?

Vinie Lopez says "I think that Bruce would help John but I don't think he would tour with him. I once asked Southside about the possibility and his response was that they both play so long that the show would go on for hours."

I could live with that!

Will a Bruce Springsteen-Southside Johnny show happen? Probably not, but since they've already played twice this summer, hey, you never know. But these are the things one thinks of while watching the two perform again on a hot Jersey summer night. Could it be a reality?

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