Do you remember the case of the groom who authorities say sexually assaulted a teenage server at his own wedding reception? Cue the Loretta Lynn music because someone's standing by her man.

31-year-old Mathew Aimers has had charges of false imprisonment, corruption of minors, indecent assault and indecent exposure upheld by a judge. And he appeared in court with his bride. In fact they held hands outside in the parking lot.

His lawyer, Louis Busico, said, “If that young man committed a crime at his reception, Dr. Phil couldn’t fix his marriage. The fact that she’s with him tells you he’s an innocent man," according to a report in the Courier-Post.

The fact that she's with him tells me only that she's with him.

It's all said to have gone down at a country club in Bucks County, PA. Prosecutors say the groom came on to the young server at his own wedding reception and she turned down his advances. It is alleged he treated her like a prostitute by offering her $100. They say later in the evening he followed her inside a bathroom and pulled her inside an empty stall where he exposed himself and sexually assaulted her.

Authorities say he also was in a physical fight later on at the reception when a staff member told him he could not bring alcohol outside of the establishment. He allegedly punched the worker then got in an altercation with police when he ignored their commands by continuing to board a party bus.

Apparently a certain bride is taking the "for worse" part of the vows quite seriously.

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