An out-of-stater who ended up using a pair of brass knuckles on a gas station attendant in Bordentown led to a strange conversation on-air. Tuesday's show brought up this story and had people calling in with their own collections of rather unique weapons. I mean, brass knuckles, seriously? Are we in the 1930s? Is this a black and white James Cagney film?

"M'yah, see? I went to town on his face with my brass knuckles for lookin' at my dame's gams, see? M'yah!"

The very first caller was a young woman who had a cache of medieval weapons including broadswords. She works in the renaissance festival realm and gained her interest through that. From there we heard everything from all kinds of ancient weapons like jousting lances, flails, maces, glaives, etc.. People really have these things in their homes. Remember that scene in Pulp Fiction when Bruce Willis' character escapes the dungeon in the pawn shop but wants to go back to save Marcellus Wallace and he keeps upgrading his weapon every time he finds a new one behind the counter? This hour was kind of like that.

One guy called in who had an aluminum baseball bat that had been filled with concrete. Imagine breaking into that dude's house. Another guy who was a Walking Dead fan wondered if they actually had wooden baseball bats covered in barbed wire for sale on the internet. They do. He has one. He even kept it in his car for awhile and once someone tried to challenge him in a road rage incident. He took it out of his trunk and the creep ran off after taking one look at it.

None of these will ever be as effective as a gun. But as the nation is embroiled in a renewed gun control debate it was interesting to hear how many other scary things are in people's closets, trunks or desk drawers.

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