Your reaction to genuinely nice people says a lot about who you are as a person.

For instance, if you encounter someone who always smiles and tries to see the positive aspects of life and you respond by saying “wow, I need more of this person in my life”, you’re probably a fairly well-adjusted person.

If you’re like me, though, and react to kindness by suspecting that the person is probably a serial killer trying to lull you into a false sense of security... well then, you’re about as well-adjusted as I am and I urge you to find the anti-depressant that makes you least likely to punch a mirror every time you see your reflection in it.

I’m thinking about kindness this week because when you pair today’s episode (Brad Garrett) with episode 5 (Kevin Nealon), Speaking Millennial has now had the two nicest stars I have ever met in all of show business.

Let’s be clear, there isn’t a high bar for niceness in Hollywood. You get credit in show biz for just being a basic human. If you don’t throw the Range Rover in reverse and back over the hitchhiker you hit while high on mushrooms on the PCH, you’re considered a “good dude”.

But Kevin and Brad are outstandingly nice even when compared to non-Hollywood people. If they weren’t famous, they’d be the neighbor who always shovels your sidewalk too because, hey, why not, the snowblower was already out.

How nice is Brad Garrett? He agreed to do our podcast during a show he was hosting at his comedy club in Las Vegas (you can hear the other comedians going in and out of the room and one of the comics on stage in the background.). With one ear tilted towards the show, he still managed to give us some time and be funny, charming, and engaging to boot.

If you’re curious about Brad’s life, career, and philosophy, this is a great episode to listen to! But if you want to hear how a genuinely nice show business personality sounds? This is an absolute must-listen.

Oh and hey, if you want to see some great comedy out in Las Vegas, check out Brad Garrett’s comedy club. It truly is an amazing place to see a show (just, y’know, choose a weekend I’m not headlining!) Included below are some pictures of the back stage area. Brad went all out - yes, that is an apothecary table with every drawer filled with candy...

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