Other than the mainstream media, who ate it up like a stray dog in an open dumpster, most people thought the mean note toward immigrants at a restaurant in Bordentown, was a fake. That's the consensus of most people on comment boards and that we've spoken to. Judi and I did a broadcast of our show from "Under The Moon" on Farnsworth Ave. in this quaint little downtown a couple of years ago. The owner, Santiago Orosco, could not have been nicer or more supportive. I've been there on several occasions since then on my own time and I love the place. I just recently recommended it to a friend and they loved it, too.

All of that aside, it's easy to be skeptical in an era of online hoaxes and false posts and accusations on social media. The couple allegedly left the note "Don't Tip Immigrants" on the back of the check after they overheard their server speaking Spanish to a co-worker. There's no video surveillance at the restaurant and they paid cash. A few years ago, at another restaurant Judi and I did our show from, a server claimed a customer left her a homophobic note on a bill. It turned out to be a hoax. In 2015 a bunch of Twitter threats against black students turned out to come from a black alum of the university.

It certainly is possible that this happened and knowing Santiago, I think he acted in good faith in posting the nasty note. But you can't blame the public in an era of "fake news" and social media hoaxes to be a little jaded and suspicious when something like this pops up on any platform. My advice to any business that has a rude or hateful customer is to remember that party and if they return, confront them and maybe tell them you don't want their business. That's what you would have done before social media ... when the world was just a little bit more normal, maybe?

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