Tastes vary on what really quenches a thirst on a hot summer day. It was the summer of 1968 when I was first introduced to a drink called "Boost".

I was visiting an aunt's friend in Riverside, New Jersey. We took a bus from South Philly and ended up in what I thought was "East Bumblef--k". It looked like something out of a TV show.

Being a city kid, anywhere in Jersey was weird to me. When they offered me something to drink after a long bike ride, I thought they said "booze", but what they gave me was Boost.

Ironically two years later we moved to the next town over, Delran, and I became hooked.

Boost is an old fashioned local drink from Western Burlington County which is beloved locally, but brings strange reactions from anybody from anywhere else. Some people think it has medicinal properties and some people swear it helps them recover from a hangover.

At one time Riverside had a record number of bars in its one square mile perimeter, 47! There are fewer bars now, but the drink still survives along with it's many fans in one small part of Jersey.

To see where Boost! is being sold and to order some for yourself, visit their website here.

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