Big news was made a few months ago about the fact that John Bon Jovi was selling his magnificent mansion in Middletown. It is an 18,000 square-foot mansion on 15 waterfront acres with every imaginable amenity including a separate guest house and recording studio.. we’ve seen dozens of pictures of the home and have read all about it and illustrious detail. But there’s one thing we don’t know: The asking price.

There are many reasons why properties like this sometimes have a secret price. Celebrities don’t want to have even more of a spotlight shown on them than they already do so sometimes they want to keep the price under wraps. Sometimes, it’s just to add a little sense of mystery, to make the property seem even more enticing. Or to pump up the exclusivity factor: the sense that if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.

Another common reason for not disclosing the price of real estate like this is that some buyers, upon hearing the price, will simply eliminate it and not even look. Still, according to an article in the Baltimore Sun, some agents are willing to take a guess. One agent, who I think is way off, says that given its size, location and property he feels that it could be worth $100 million. He doesn’t know Middletown, New Jersey. Another agent, taking comps into account and then adding in the celebrity factor, guesses that the home is worth about 14 million. I’d say that’s just about right.

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