There have been a spate of false claims of threats of violence and hateful speech directed at people on the left in the last few years, that have come from... the left. A few happened right here in New Jersey and they get minimal coverage, but are noteworthy. One was less than three years ago at Kean University. It was a threat toward black students at the college, but it came from a black alum who had recently graduated. Or this one in Michigan.

I'm certainly not saying that people on the right aren't capable of threats or violence, but the overwhelming amount has come from the left. They were so desperate to find some on the right, here's a list of nearly a dozen fake one's just last year.

President Trump's tone does not help at all in tamping down the rhetoric or turning down the temperature in the current social and political climate. I had hopes early on that he would extend an olive branch and be more conciliatory toward his opponents, but that never happened. And his opponents have come back at him and his party with even more threatening rhetoric.

Hopefully if anything good can come out of this scare, it will be that both sides take it down a notch. However much of the mainstream media continues to stoke the fires that breed contempt for anyone that doesn't think like them, especially if they support the President. Thank God no one was hurt yesterday and today and let's hope and pray it stays that way.

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