Ocean Township Patrolmen Michael Matelski and Anthony Mastrandrea are our #BlueFriday honorees this week.

These are the two officers who came to the aid of the food delivery guy who was discovered five hours and several miles from his car after arriving to deliver from a local Chinese Restaurant. The man was treated and released from a local hospital, and police are still looking into what happened but it's a story that sparked a huge conversation on my New Jersey 101.5 morning show this week.

Aside from the story of a man getting lost, this serves as another example of how critical cops are to the everyday protection of our community. Cops handle everything from rescuing accident victims to stopping perpetrators who are armed and violent to making kids feel better during emergencies.

These patrolmen are a credit to the uniform they wear, and everyone serving in local law enforcement. I had the chance to speak with them on Chasing News:


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