EAST RUTHERFORD — A black cat ran onto the field at MetLife Stadium during Monday night's Giants-Cowboys matchup.

The cat scampered on the field during a Giants drive in the second quarter and forced referee Clay Martin to delay the game for a few minutes, while workers and State Police troopers on duty at the game herded the feline toward the end zone, away from the players.

The cat ran off down a tunnel and the game resumed, and the Giants went on to lose, 37-18.

Did the black cat bring bad luck to the Giants?

"The Giants led 9-3 in the second quarter and were driving when the cat ran onto the field. The game was delayed several minutes until (the cat) disappeared through a tunnel. Moments later, (the Giants) kicked a field goal to make it 12-3. It was all downhill after that," Kevin Williams of the Shore Sports Network said.

Fox Sports: NFL tweeted that  the cat was the game's top performer of the first half and nicknamed him "Mr. Cuddles."

"Once we locate and safely capture the cat, we will take it to a veterinarian for examination," MetLife Stadium wrote on Twitter.

State Police did not immediately return a message.

Material from the Associated Press was used in this report.

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