Two rankings came out that named the most popular sandwich in each state. One source, List Wire, crowned the Jersey Pork Roll, or Taylor Ham if you prefer, on a hard roll as the most popular sandwich in New Jersey.

I can understand that as the pork roll, or Taylor Ham if you prefer, is a right of passage here in the Great Garden State with thousands being sold daily.

The tradition is a hard roll, with egg and cheese, and of course, New Jersey’s favorite pork product, pork roll or Taylor Ham if you prefer. Eat it hot with your coffee and that sandwich will take you to a nice place if only for the time that it takes you to take a nice bite. There are special places around New Jersey where I appreciate a good pork roll or Taylor Ham if you prefer, a sandwich.

One of my favorite places is the historic Summit Diner which serves it all the time and doesn’t call it pork roll, it’s Taylor Ham at the historic diner and it is good.

Another favorite place to get pork rolls or Taylor Ham if you prefer, sandwich is Frank’s Deli in Asbury Park.

At Frank’s, you call it pork roll and it’s piled high with a perfectly cooked egg and tasty American Cheese. Their rolls or fresh and soft from the heat of the meat and egg and it is tasty.


The other source that named the most popular sandwiches by state is Far and Wide which said that the Italian “hoagie” was the most popular sandwich in New Jersey.

If you’re in South Jersey then yes, it’s a hoagie. I am guessing the percentage of the New Jersey population that calls an Italian sub a hoagie is approximately 21%.

I refer to an Italian sub as an Italian sub. Historically and generally an Italian sub is made from good Italian ham, salami, soppressata, capicola, mozzarella, provolone, onions, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and pepperoncini or sweet peppers. It’s usually served on a sub roll that has red wine vinegar and oil added.

There are so many places here in New Jersey that serve up a great Italian sub.

I love Neils in Long Branch, the White House Subs in Atlantic City, Talerico’s in Middletown, Sapore Ravioli in Middlesex, and A Touch of Italy in Avenel.

I have enjoyed my Italian subs at these fine places and can vouch for their goodness.

Italian subs and pork roll or Taylor ham if you prefer, are part of Jersey folklore, they are part of the fabric that makes this state so special. Go out and enjoy a Jersey sandwich.

I can’t be at all the best places in New Jersey, share with me your favorite place to get these most popular sandwiches.

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