Locals know it as "CHEGG," and visitors call it Chicken Or The Egg.

I call it heaven.

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The Chicken or the Egg hatched almost exactly 31 years ago on Memorial Day Weekend in 1991.

It quickly began to grow in popularity and the CHEGG you know now opened across the street in 1993.

Why is Chicken or the Egg so popular?

The menu items at Chicken or the Egg are original and unique. In season, breakfast is available 24 hours a day.

Most often though, when CHEGG is mentioned so are its wings.

They are truly out of this world. Jumbo and juicy wings are breaded to perfection.

You can also order them naked. Not only is Chicken or the Egg known in Jersey for its wings, but CHEGG is famous nationally.

In 2010, Adam Richman brought Man vs. Food to Beach Haven on Long Beach Island to attempt to conquer the Chicken or the Egg's Ludicrous Wings Challenge.

12 jumbo wings in insanely hot sauce. If you down them all and you get a much sought-after t-shirt and all the bragging rights because not too many have been able to accomplish this feat.

If you think this Shore town eatery is overrated, think again. The normal wait time for a table during prime time can be upwards of two to three hours.

And yes, it's totally worth the wait.

The last time I was at Chicken or the Egg, I thought to myself, "it's a shame this place is so small and packed all of the time, otherwise it would be perfect to host parties."

Good news, CHEGG is taking over the building next door that used to be home to a salon and that space will be used for just that.

According to APP, the addition will feature two roll-up garage doors that open to the sidewalk. The general manager hopes that construction will wrap soon and a grand opening will happen by Father's Day.

But that's not all.

Lorenzo's Pizza is being built next to the take-out window at CHEGG.

Once open, customers will be able to order pies featuring Chicken or the Egg's famous 18 wing sauces.

And, finally, CHEGG is expanding. Look for a second location on Route 70 in Marlton. It will feature all of the same amazing eats and a Biergarten.

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