A strange story popped up in the news the other day about Bruce Springsteen music being the number one choice for people "preparing their cars for a road trip."

Wait, what?

You see, a nationwide survey of over 25,000 car owners was conducted for the Car Care Council. They were asked who they listen to when they were getting their cars ready for a road trip. Seems kind of tortured, doesn't it? Because the organization is all about maintaining your vehicle, they made up a survey about preparing your car, not actually what you listen to driving on a road trip.

We went with the more obvious and relatable question of what makes great driving music for a road trip. We had all kinds of answers but in the middle of the hour I texted State Senator Declan O'Scanlon asking if he had a pick. I was thinking how he's been a bit of a champion of NJ drivers. He led the fight to abolish red light cameras. He's also pushed for higher speed limits. Would he answer such a silly question?

You bet he would! Because he's a down to earth kind of guy. He didn't get the text in time for air, but he answered after the show that night.

Deminski's text exchange with Declan O'Scanlon
Screengrab: Jeff Deminski

So could the guy who destroyed the money sucking red light camera program be wrong? Doubtful. It's hard to argue with "Boys Of Summer" in a state with a great shoreline. Thanks for getting back Sen. O'Scanlon!

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