My alarm goes off at 3:15am...and I'm stumbling around in the dark, Thursday and Friday morning.  Justin (Jim's producer) is off, and I'm stepping in. I'm not a morning person...never have been. Jim Gearhart, and company, has been doing this for more than 20 years! Come along with me and my camera!

Thursday morning, its clear and warm. Friday morning, its pouring rain, and I'm taking a picture of the front door! Figures, right?  Come on in!

As I make my way to the control room, I pass Jim at his desk.  He's been here for awhile, and is prepping for his show, starting at 6am.

 Alex, Ray Rossi's producer, is the overnight engineer.  Here, he's reading Alan Kasper's "Instant Weather" as part of "Deminski & Doyle Rewind."

After reconciling my commercial log and sponsorship liners for the morning, I grab a cup of coffee, and head down to the newsroom.  News Director, and anchor, Eric Scott and News Producer Matthew White are busy putting the finishing touches on "New Jersey's First News," which starts in a few minutes at 5am!

News Producer Matthew White is seen here in the News Booth, feeding weather, and news "actualities" and stories, down-the-line to the other Townsquare stations.  This goes on all morning! The news never stops!

Look at that smile! Alex knows that he's almost done for the day...and the week! As seen from the back side of the "board" in the control room. This is the view that Bob Williams and Alan Kasper, and all in-studio guests have!

So much to little time...

Its just before 5:00am, and Eric Scott is feeding the 5am Townsquare Network News to the other stations around the state.  This newscast airs on the other stations at 5:00:00, as "First News" starts on New Jersey 101.5!

"New Jersey's First News" is "On The Air!"  Friday morning has begun on New Jersey 101.5!

Eric Scott brings New Jersey the news, on "New Jersey's First News" from 5-5:30am on the Townsquare News Network, and 5-6am on New Jersey 101.5.

You'll notice that many of the pictures are (now) taken from my perspective, as the program engineer, from behind the on-air "board." As the engineer, there aren't may opportunities to walk away, from 5am til 10am..

It doesn't show up well in this picture, but this is what the engineer needs for "First News" and much of Jim's show.  The news i-d's and jingles, etc...I look at this, and play these elements all morning.

Bob Williams joins us, in-studio, with "New Jersey Traffic North," starting at 5:33am.

Here's Alan Kasper behind-the-mike.  Alan has been bringing us New Jersey's most accurate weather, "Instant Weather" for over 20 years.  Get his 5-day forecast anytime, here at!

News Producer Matthew White has your "Internet Update" at 6am and 8am!

6 til 10am, Monday through Friday, is Jim Gearhart time!  Give Jim a call, and "talk Jersey!"

Scott Taylor, Dennis & Judi's producer, is taking your calls on Friday morning...

Jill Maira, "New Jersey Traffic South" got a little shy, as I rushed into her studio with my camera! No, I am not an "ambush journalist!"

Bob and Jim, as seen through the glass, from the screener/producer's room.  We're just a big family, on-air and off-air!

Scott is talking to you on the phone! As seen in the producer/screener's room.

Your pictorial blog host (Craig Allen) in front of the camera, and behind the "board" with Jim Gearhart.

New Jersey 101.5's morning show goings-on, from another angle.....thanks, Scott!

Eric is answering one of Jim's questions, providing his insight into the people, and the issues in the news, in the Garden State.

Craig Allen giving Jim a cue.....

Its a morning full of news and information, and give and take on the Jim ponder's a point that you, the listener, has made, in the waning moments of the show.

Its 10am...Joe Cutter has the news, and Dennis & Judi are next!

I hope that you have enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at the workings and the personalities of "New Jersey's First News," and the Jim Gearhart Show...from Friday February 24, 2012! 

Join the whole team again Monday morning, starting at 5am (Eastern) on New Jersey 101.5!  And "Listen Live" here at!