Eric Potts is a retired Plainsboro detective who's served in the military. He's also a New Jersey 101.5 personality that you can hear on weekends. As a former officer, Potts takes these NFL protests seriously and has written a response which he emotionally read on me show called   "A Police Officer Kneeled on The Job Today"  If you have a friend or family member who's a police officer, please pass it along. It's a reminder we need to hear.

A police officer kneeled on the job today

They kneeled as they held the hand of a child as they took their last breath after being struck by a car while riding their bike.

They kneeled while performing CPR on an elderly woman who was out shopping with her daughter.

They kneeled as they comforted a lost child that was crying for their parent.

They kneeled as they reached into a sewer grate to rescue a kitten that fell down inside it.

They kneeled after being struck in the head with a bottle thrown at them by some angry individual in a mob of angry individuals protesting the police based on a false narrative.

They kneeled from exhaustion after jumping into a lake to rescue someone who had fallen in.

They kneeled as they delivered a baby in the back of a car on the side of the highway because that baby just couldn’t wait.

They kneeled as they took cover behind a small dumpster as they were being fired upon after responding to a burglar alarm.

They kneeled as they provided first aid to a battered woman after they responded to a domestic violence call.

They kneeled in the doorway of a burning house as they moved under the smoke in an effort to rescue a small child left behind by their panic stricken parents.

They kneeled as they administered narcan to another teenager that OD’d on heroin.

They kneeled as they helped a stranded motorist change a tire on a lonely dark road.

They kneeled as they kissed their young child, asleep in their bed, early in the morning, as they headed out the door knowing that once again they would miss their dance recital, soccer game or school play.

They kneeled as they wept at the casket of their partner who was shot and killed on a “routine” traffic stop.

But they will stand tall each and every time they are called upon. No matter if you spit on them, call them vile names, tell them you hate them and say the world will be better off without them.

They stand tall, ever the faithful sheepdog’s, guarding their flock from the wolves that would devour them.

Thank you my Brothers and Sisters for all you do and for showing us what kneeling on the job is really about.

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