Two nights ago I sat at this same computer and poured my heart out about what my family has gone through in search of answers about our little boy. In case you hadn't heard, Atticus was finally diagnosed with autism that day. He's 2 and a half years old, a wonderful little guy with a rough road ahead of him. That night I wrote about my deepest feelings just hours after receiving this news. These were my thoughts if you care to read them.

Two nights later I'm sitting here overwhelmed at the kindness that's come my way from people via email and social media. My wife and I are exhausted right now having had Early Intervention out to the house, dealing with insurance, bringing him to occupational therapy and other medical appointments this week and meeting with ABA therapists soon. But my hope is to eventually answer every one of these beautiful emails that have been sent. I'm just worried how long that might take and if I'll even be able to get to all of them. There were just so many and they keep coming.

In case I can't do it personally, I want to say from the very bottom of my heart thank you to each of you who wrote. Thank you for your caring, your optimism and your generous words. I've been touched in a way I never have in my entire career. I mentioned in the hour we talked about this on Wednesday that I believe the greatest thing God or nature's grand design ever gave us was each other. That's never been truer than these past few days. I humbly accept help from experts, advice from parents, and kindness from all. I would have said kindness from strangers, but that's not how I feel about listeners. I know you know far more about me than I may ever know about you, but I've always felt this show was a relationship and each of you absolutely counts as much or more than we do. I feel like we're friends even when we disagree. So to everyone who reached out to me with some wisdom and love I want to say you have no idea how much I appreciate you. You've given me a hope and a strength I was worried I might not have. For that I owe you a debt I can't possibly repay.

The least I can do is say thank you.



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