The statehouse renovation project got even uglier yesterday. Christie is arguing that the bonds are sold so it's too late to challenge. Wow.

Talk about a guy desperate to get something done before he leaves office. I connected with a Senator Mike Doherty on Wednesday and the fight continues, regardless. Remember, the excavation at Princeton Battlefield was well underway when we were able to stop it!  We can do the same here.

Assemblyman John Wisniewski joined me at 7:30 to talk about this complete travesty. I asked Asm. Wisniewski how Christie's actions to get the bonds sold after the EDA decision would affect the lawsuit that the assemblyman currently has in motion to stop the project. "Well it doesn't impact negatively the litigation I filed, we're going to pursue it because the fundamental question still remains, and a court needs to decide, does the Statehouse Joint Management Commission really have the ability to lease out the Statehouse? It's absurd," Wisniewski commented.

According to Wisniewski, Gov. Christie and the Statehouse Commission had anticipated a lawsuit and had sold the bonds within minutes of the ink being dry approving the sale. It is absolutely unbelievable.

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